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UI Mobile Design for The Wisdom Link


The Wisdom Link allowed me the opportunity to stretch my skills and apply what I learned from my Bloc apprenticeship to design for a mobile app for Avant Brokerage.

Avant Brokerage is a platform of technology and products to train insurance brokers in the Trucking Insurance Industry. One of the products they now offer is a mobile app named Driver Wallet. The purpose of this app is for drivers in the transportation industry to have easy access to information in the event of an accident.

The Wisdom Link wanted this app to coordinate with the current branding and website, and desired easy navigation. They provided most wireframes and user flow. When I designed, I had to put my knowledge of human-interface guidelines and iOS design specifications to practice. I loved using this knowledge and stretching my skills.

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I am available for freelance web design and some front-end development. I am looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate and bring your ideas to life!

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