Obedience, calling, trust

Posted on 01/14/15, in Uncategorized, by Jennifer Slayton

You may have seen these pop up in my Instagram feed lately.I originally started posting when Good Morning Girls started their study of Exodus at the beginning of the year. At first, it was to join and be a part of a community that is reading the same portions of the Bible as me. But then it became a way to keep myself accountable in reading scripture daily. I am sure I’m annoying some of my followers, but quite frankly, that’s okay. My insta account is a way for me to keep up with friends and family through pictures, and connect to a community of similar interests. I’m not in it for the astronomical number of likes.

So how is Exodus applicable to this work from home, homeschool mama’s life? Well, go back here if you missed it. See the impact Exodus 2 had. Now, let’s move forward.

I have been typically reading in the morning, for many of reasons, but mostly to beat the clock before my children awake.  And on Friday, January 10, it was no different. I started my morning by reading Exodus 5. Again, there is great stuff packed into this chapter, so go read.

Quick overview: Aaron and Moses talk to Pharaoh about letting the Israelites go. He says no and in fact, increases their workload without decreasing the expectations of time to complete. Probably sounds like your job? I digress. The foremen confront Pharaoh, he insults them, and they are angry at Moses and Aaron, the ones that claimed the Lord was going to release them from slavery.

Verses 22 and 23 say this: Moses returned to the Lord and said, “O Lord, why have you brought trouble upon this people? Is this why you sent me? Ever since I went to Pharaoh to speak in your name, he has brought trouble upon this people, and you have not rescued your people at all.”

Moses was being real with God. How many times have we not asked the same questions? Maybe not in such formal language, maybe even in foul language. Nonetheless, these verses were the ones that stood out to me.  The question that went along with our study was this: Have you ever questioned why things sometimes go wrong when you feel as though you are doing everything the way you are suppose to do? How do you normally handle it?

I mean, seriously, y’all. I question all the time. Even in the smallest of things. In fact, I believe our American society has diminished God so much as to think, “If it’s going wrong, I must not be doing something right.” Or flip it around, “If I do what God tells me, it will all go smoothly.”

Our earthly circumstances should not dictate our calling or our obedience.

Sure, circumstances can make us evaluate our obedience, but not dictate it. This is such a hard topic to discuss or explain because our circumstances SOMETIMES reflect the sin in our life, but NOT always. It reminds me of the verse in Isaiah where God explains His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. Our definition of “blessings” in America is not always consistent with God’s definition of blessings.

Of course, with all this pondering, I needed some practice in my declaration of “I don’t want to be like Moses,” right?

Last week, Big A’s truck had been acting strange. His commute is not a big deal and his schedule was swamped, therefore, he waited until FRIDAY to check it out. Long story short, we took separate cars to the YMCA and I had to turn around to pick him up because his truck started to overheat.

What was going to be my response? Would I be like Moses accusing God of not following through in caring for us? Or would I respond differently this time? I had to make a choice. Would I continue in the same path I’ve always traveled, similar to Moses in questioning? Or go down a path, less traveled, trusting God with even the small things?