Raise Good

Raise some Good in the world


Raise Good is a fundraiser website created to allow foundation organizers and charities to raise funds and for others to donate to a cause in which they believe. The user, whether organizer or donor, has the ability to share the cause through social media. The organizer can add an administrative team, keep up with dates and donors, upload photos, and monitor comments. The donor is able to create a profile, donated to any organization of choice, add profile picture to personal profile, and search and "favorite" organizations.

I provided a color palette, logo design, user stories and personas, user flows, wireframes, design, and front-end development. I chose red as the primary color because of the association we have with the words "help" and "aid." Blue and gray complement the vibrant red and cools it down some.

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I am available for freelance web design and some front-end development. I am looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate and bring your ideas to life!

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